Prescott POS Inc. was formed in November of 2008 by its founder Steve Prescott.  Steve has been working in the POS industry since 2000. Unlike some POS companies, we are only focused on hospitality.  We believe that by only working with one industry, we are able to become experts within that industry. 

Steve also worked in the restaurant industry for 20 years in all capacities.  Having extensive knowledge of both the restaurant industry and POS industry gives our customers the unique advantage of dealing with somebody that not only is an expert in the POS industry, but also understands the day to day challenges of running a restaurant.

Our company philosophy is to provide professional, personalized, friendly, fairly priced sales, service and support to both our existing and not yet met customers.  We believe that we will be successful as a company not by making the quick buck, but building relationships.  We will actually listen to what your needs are and will not try to sell you things that you do not need just to make a few extra dollars.

By providing top quality products such as Point of Success POS, LRS Pagers, Powervar line conditioners, APG cash drawers, Verifone EMV card readers, and Epson Printers we are able to provide you with top quality hardware and software at a reasonable cost.

Prescott POS is happy to provide you with whatever level of service or support you prefer. There are 4 options that you can choose from.

1.  We can provide a complete ready to go POS so you don’t have to do any setup, menu building, installation, or training.
2.  You can provide the hardware (all or some) and we can install the software, build the menu, provide training and install your system onsite.
3.  We can provide only the POS software and you can do all of the setup, menu building, training, and installation yourself.  Of course if you do              need help we are happy to provide any assistance necessary at our current hourly rates.
4.  We provide software support on ¼ & yearly support contracts, or on an hourly basis.

We are also happy to ship systems that are ready to go & just need to be plugged in.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, our goal is to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs.