Standard Vs. Premium Version Features

General Features                                                                                                                         Works for table service and counter service,                                                     

quick service restaurants,                                                                             Standard & Premium

table service restaurants, buffets, bars and more)

Control cash by tracking and balancing cash register tills                       Standard & Premium

Works with common, inexpensive POS computers and printers           Standard & Premium

Works on tablets                                                                                             Standard & Premium

Limit access to sensitive features with security settings                           Standard & Premium

Fresh List counts down limited quantity items                                           Premium Only                                                                                                                      

Change rounding for elimination of the Canadian penny                        Standard & Premium           

Export general ledger information to QuickBooks                                     Premium Only

Manage deliveries (delivery dispatch screen,                                               Premium Only

service level color flags, delivery reporting,

customer time commitment tracking, mapping)

Store customer information for marketing and quickly identifying          Premium Only

customers for phone orders

Manager’s real-time information screen (up-to-the-minute statistics      Premium Only

for number and amount of orders, estimated food cost,

hourly labor cost, gross margin, clocked in employees)

Print box labels for delivery and carry-out orders                                        Premium Only

Control cash in delivery driver and server banks (drivers and                   Premium Only

servers hold their own payments are cashed out at

the end of their shift)

Sell items from a restaurant’s retail department or gift shop                     Premium Only

(enter lookup code or scan bar code)

Quickly change prices on many products with a                                            Premium Only

spreadsheet-style window

Change order entry background screens to customize image                    Premium Only

for a restaurant

Order Entry Features                                                                                           

Touch screen order entry                                                                                    Standard & Premium

Works with a keyboard and mouse                                                                   Standard & Premium

Touch items on an order to edit or delete the item                                        Standard & Premium

Large, easy-to-read order entry buttons                                                           Standard & Premium

Customize the order entry menu to fit your restaurant                                 Standard & Premium

Digital scale integration for items sold by weight                                            Standard & Premium

One screen pizza ordering (build a pizza, specialty pizza, sauce                   Premium Only

and crust selections, sizing on the fly,

complex pricing all on one screen)

Combination ordering with upsizing                                                                  Premium Only

Basic discounts (amount or percentage off)                                                     Standard & Premium

Advanced discounts (two for the price of one, buy x and get y free            Premium Only

or discounted, target amounts, minimum order amount, maximum

discount amount, quantity limits, discount an item when purchased

in combination with other items, and more)

Specify each guest’s position at the table (also used to identify each          Premium Only

person’s order on delivery or carry-out orders)

Customer receipt subtotaled by guest                                                               Premium Only

Split a single order item between two or more guests                                    Premium Only

Coursing – Selective firing of order items to the kitchen                                 Premium Only

Recall the last order with one button press                                                       Premium Only

Future orders (for large scheduled orders or catering)                                    Premium Only

Timed Happy Hour pricing with days and times                                                Premium Only

Tax can be included in the price of the item                                                       Premium Only

Flexible pricing for partial pie pizza toppings                                                      Premium Only

Restaurant Efficiency Features

Transmit order preparation information to kitchen and bar                           Standard & Premium

Reprint prep tickets and customer receipts                                                        Standard & Premium

Print closing reports for cash register tills                                                           Standard & Premium

Find open orders by customer name, order number or server                       Standard & Premium

Accurately track cash drops, paid outs and over/short information               Standard & Premium

Total number of remote kitchen/bar printers supported                              Standard   3  Premium   6

Kitchen monitor (Also called kitchen display, eliminates the need                   Premium Only      

for printing prep tickets)

Open food items (ask for price when entering order)                                          Premium Only

Product alert messages (gives immediate information about a                         Premium Only

product, like inventory information or a reminder to ask for ID on

age restricted products)

Choose to print receipts only on selected orders (saves paper)                          Premium Only

Enter and track the time an order is promised to a customer                             Premium Only

Quick Pay payment tender option can be used to speed customer service      Premium Only

Marketing Features

Print promotional message on customer receipts                                                  Standard & Premium

Product sales achievement by staff report                                                               Standard & Premium

Coupon redemption tracking                                                                                      Standard & Premium

Stores customer birthday for birthday club promotions                                        Premium Only

Timed product pricing (automatically charge different prices for                         Premium Only

lunch, dinner or happy hour)

Lazy and lost customer reports and mailing labels                                                  Premium Only

Top 50 business and residential customer lists                                                         Premium Only

Delivery Features

Color flag late orders and orders approaching promised time                              Premium Only

View orders currently out with a driver                                                                      Premium Only

Dispatch and track deliveries                                                                                        Premium Only

Warn on undeliverable addresses                                                                                Premium Only

Street name auto-complete (fill in remainder of street name after                        Premium Only

typing first few characters)

Automatic selection of delivery zone based on customer address                          Premium Only

Different pricing for delivered products                                                                        Premium Only

Mapping for delivery                                                                                                         Premium Only