Employee Time Clock Software Helps with Restaurant Payroll
Point of Success Employee Timekeeping is an add-on product designed to work exclusively with Point of Success POS software.
⦁    Employees clock in and clock out on any network workstation
⦁    Supervisors can easily fix incorrect or forgotten time clock entries
⦁    Payroll preparation is simpler with clear, concise time reports
⦁    Works with existing Point of Success staff files, simplifying setup

A Time Clock on Every Computer
No matter whether you use Point of Success on a single computer or on a

dozen computers on a local area network, your employee time clock can be made 

available on any or all of your computers. Employees can clock in or clock out

anywhere on a network because all time clock entries are synchronized to within

one second with the database server computer.
Enter a PIN number and touch the In, Out or Correction button.

Cash Tip Tracking
Optionally ask employees to enter cash tips when they clock out.

Multiple Staff Positions and Pay Rates
If an employee is set up to work in several positions, the Employee Timekeeping module can ask which position they are working when the employee clocks in.

Easily Correct Time Clock Records
Time clock errors can occur frequently in a busy restaurant. A

missed clock in or clock out record is corrected in this 

easy-to-navigate window.
Select the employee for which a time clock correction is to be

made. Touch the time clock record to be corrected, then touch the

In or Out button to change the time. Time clock corrections are

protected with Point of Success security features, allowing only

designated employees to change or correct time clock records.

Time Clock Management in the Office Manager Program
The time clock office manager console opens with a link in the Staff center in the

Point of Success Office Manager program.
Enter and correct time clock entries, view time clock entries, and close pay periods.
Employee Time Reports Simplify Payroll Preparation
Point of Success Employee Timekeeping prints reports to assist with payroll production.

Time reports list employees who worked during the pay period and their hours.